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Animal health solutions and advice

From cats and dogs to rabbits and other pets, our team of experts at Castle Veterinary Group 
can provide assistance to all kinds of animal problems. 
You can bring your pet to our Castlewellan and Downpatrick centres. 
In addition to preventive measures like vaccinations, we can also help with fleas and worm control.
To book an appointment call us today on 028 4377 8302 

Dog health

Concerned about the health of your dog? Whether your dog is refusing to eat food normally or is running a temperature, our experts at Castle Veterinary Group can provide professional assistance.

If you have any doubts or require some friendly advice, contact us right away. We can also treat other animals like cats and rabbits.
Dog health

Cat's health

Whether your cat is having soft stools or vomiting, our experts can determine what the problem is and treat your feline friend professionally.

Remember that cats usually tend to keep their ailments hidden until it gets quite serious and the slightest change in their behaviour and habits are an indicator of a change in their health status.

Our trained vets can help your cat recover in a quick and safe manner.
Cat care

Rabbit's health

Rabbits can make very good pets, as they do not take up a lot of space and are quite friendly with humans. However, due care has to be taken to ensure that the surroundings are kept clean and tidy to prevent any kind of infection. They will also have to be given vaccinations on a regular basis to keep them healthy at all times.

So if you ever see any of these signs mentioned below, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Looking dull
  • Skin trouble
  • Runny faeces and urine soaking
Rabbit care
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