Fleas & Worms

Flea and worm control for your pet

At Castle Veterinary Group, our aim is to treat your pet and prevent future parasitic infestations. Your pet requires individual attention and treatment to eliminate ticks, fleas and worms. 
Contact our specialists to discuss your pet's specific requirements. 
Visit our flea and worm treatment centre at Castlewellan and Downpatrick.

Worm-free pets are healthy and happy

Roundworms and tapeworms commonly infest cats and dogs with no obvious symptoms, making de-worming more vital. Worms are a threat to humans and need to be treated regularly. If your pet gets affected by worms, it can also lead to adverse effects on you. This is why we suggest worming your dog or cat four times a year. Different sized pets require different treatments, so please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.
Flea removal from dogs

Get rid of the flea problem

Fleas living in your pet's fur are small and difficult to detect. They are the most common parasitic problem with pets. While sprays, flea collars, powders, shampoos and dips can work, it is better to get your pet at our centre at Castlewellan to get the best defence against these blood-sucking parasites. Our staff are trained to recommend the best up to date treatment for your pet.

In addition to fleas and worm control, we also suggest regular vaccination for your pet's healthy life. Visit the Castle Veterinary Group today.
Flea treatment
Flea repellent medicines for dogs
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